About EBDG

We help you grow in Adria region without worries and stress

We are a team of experts in business services primarily oriented not only to help companies enter new market(s) or act as their affiliate sales and marketing office in specific countries, but also offering help with incorporation, ongoing business activities (accounting, tax optimisation, legal services), business development and establishment, lean and optimised operations, publishing & promotion, print & packaging and other business activities.

Being member of several national and international organizations we are incredibly well connected. Extending our team with verified professionals and consultants from various activities and being involved with various types of clients, we provide broadest possible solutions to any business challanges.

Operating on over 6 different markets in Adria region, with physical locations in Ljubljana – Slovenia, Zagreb – Croatia and Gorizia – Italy, we are able to help you place your products or services, or extend your operations in extremely simple and efficient way.

Multi-discipline approach and services

rom incorporation and legal advice, accounting, tax optimization to product placement, sales network organization, packaging, promotion , distribution and logistics – a true partner for Adria markets. With decades of experience we are the wisest choice in helping you increase the market of your offer.

Process management - implementing best technologies to work for you

We help you not only establish local presence with products or company, we also organize the business process in most efficient and lean way, helping you optimize your work and minimize the cost. From project management to automatisation.

Marketing, print & packaging, promotions & more

Successful sales depend on several things: design, packaging, placement, promotion and more. With our own production facility we take care of anything needed to overpass the competitors.

Web, social media, influencers, and other sales and promotion channels

Promotions in offline world are nowadays not enough, but must be supported with online support. Our online division is experienced and among best international online service providers in Europe. Our promotions team for events and instore activities can enhance sales and brand awareness. 

Fields of operation

Completed projects

Ongoing projects

Years of experience


We take care of our client’s business¬†as it was our own.¬†If you grow, we grow…

Experienced professionals. Own production facilities. Global presence with local presence, feel and network. Different approach aimed at results, best value and efficiency. Combining traditional experience and values with latest technology and knowledge. Covering every aspect of buiness development for a global, modern approach or helping you at initial steps when entering any of our markets. Cross networking and uniting clients, providers and experts. With high ethics and maximum efficiency in mind.

In any case – EBDG is a wise decision. Contact us today if you wish to expand to Slovenia, Croatia, any of Balkan countries or Italy, or just need a representative office or agent.

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Our first meeting and fast evaluation of options, how we can add value to your business operations, is free of charge. If you find our ideas and proposals acceptable, we make a more detailed plan with offer.

Even if you seek a solution to only one time specific problem in our area of expertise or location, do not hesitate to contact us!